GIG – The Dykeenies at The Talking Heads – Wed 26th Oct 2011

“…The Dykeenies are a Scottish indie rock band from Cumbernauld, formed in 2005. The group consists of brothers Brian Henderson (vocals, synthesizers) and Andrew Henderson (bass guitar, backing vocals), along with Steven Ramsay (lead guitar, backing vocals) and John Kerr (drums, backing vocals). Since their formation, they have released one studio album, Nothing Means Everything, accompanied by three singles. After a worldwide tour, the band began work on their second album, which is due to be released in October 2011.

The Dykeenies’ musical style has been noted primarily as indie rock, with influences including The Cribs, Bloc Party and The Futureheads.Their musical style has also been compared to art rock and, more prominently, art pop.God Is in the TV described “New Ideas” as sounding “like the first few tracks of Silent Alarm“, as well as comparing “Will It Happen Tonight?” to We Are Scientists. Dykeenies have also stated that David Bowie is a major influence of the band,releasing an cover version of the song as part of their Live at the Apple Store, Glasgow EP. One particular live review even linked the band to the short-lived “New Rave” genre, as well as comparing lead singer Brian Henderson’s vocals to that of Brian Molko.Nothing Means Everything has been noted as being a more mature pop album, with “The Panic” in particular noted as having dark lyrical content…”

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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