GIG – Lotte Mullan at The Railway Inn – Wed 12th Oct 2011

From Artists Website:

“…Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Lotte Mullan is not your average girl with a guitar. Frustrated by attempts to break into the music business she went to work for a major label and ‘borrowed’ enough contacts to set up her own ‘Raindog records’.

Mullan proceeded to plug her debut album ‘Plain Jane’ to the music press and received a significant level of critical acclaim from the likes of Q, Mojo, The Guardian, The Independent On Sunday and the Telegraph.  A blog she was writing about her adventures as a musician and undercover work experience girl has now been snapped up for a book and film deal which is set to be a ‘Bridget Jone’s diary’ for the music business.

Mullan is currently challenging the fashion industry’s idea of perfection with her single ‘I’m alright with me’ and touring with her band ‘The Plain Jane’s’ which consists of herself and a drummer who can also play bass and sing at the same time. Her music presents a very English Twist on alternative Country music with soul and folk leanings and she sings songs of broken hearts and how to recover from them with a smile on your face.

This is a thoroughly subversive DIY story, with an engaging and talented young musician very much at the centre of its success. The Work Experience Girl may not have gotten the job, but Lotte Mullan has emerged with a label, film and publishing deal…and ample source-material for her next chapter…”


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