REQUESTED – Kickstarter at The Talking Heads – Tue 6th Dec

Kickstarter are a Rock/Rap/Dubstep band hailing from London, Essex and Belgium and write songs highlighting important issues affecting people today such as, government failures, economic sustainability and social injustice. Following their self-released 4 track debut EP entitled ‘The Construct City’ in March 2011, Kickstarter gained their debut radio airplay with ‘Fight Back’ on BBC Essex, which was then followed by airplay on Tom Robinson’s radio show on BBC 6.

Kickstarter have become known for their raucous live shows, always breaking the barrier between the stage and the audience, and shattering fourth walls across Endgland’s finest venues, including the indigo2 and the O2 Islington Acadmey with shard-piercing sets that skilfully combine dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass and electro with a raw rock/rap/funk dynamic.

Here’s what some people have had to say about us:

“They rock as hard as any hard rock bands out there, with a very informed rap/ funk style to get you moving. Singer Laurence Ayeni raps and smiles, he knows the band are kicking up a storm behind him, all he has to do is get you moving and get the Kickstarter message out there. I reckon you need to hear them, one of London’s best young groups. Switch off X Factor, go see these guys instead!”

– Steve Horwood, reviewer and Publicity manager for Club Bus Wind

“Kickstarter produced a high octane performance… [with an] endearing, offbeat, visual approach which won the audience over almost immediately, hooking them into the music. Rap can almost become clichéd and overworked but songs such as Construct City, Fight Back and Drop Zone with powerful and tightly bound lyrics ensured that the focus was always on the stage. But this was no one man show. The band echoed and reflected energies of their own through insistent beats and tunes.”

– Lisa Parker, Music Reviewer for The LP Project


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