GIG – Rosie Vanier at The Cellars At Eastney – Tue 27th March 2012

Rosie Vanier is a British singer and keyboard player from Cornwall. She was a founding member and the front woman of Rosie and the Goldbug; following the break-up of the band in 2009, she has embarked on a solo career.

Vanier’s distinctive vocal and instrumental style has been described in The Guardian as “Kate Bush on crack with Goldfrapp on synths”, her voice moving “effortlessly from seductive whispers to banshee wails”.Q Magazine characterised her “enchanting howl” as “somewhere between Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cyndi Lauper having a sing-off with Kate Bush”.

A review of an Austin, Texas live concert in NME described her vocal style as ranging from Lene Lovich to Amanda Palmer. Simon Price, writing for The Independent, stated that “classically trained singer-pianist Rosie Vanier has a voice which leaps from sugary pop to operatic whoops, her ivories chiming through a repertoire ranging from the turbulent to the serene, and even juddering Moroder electro-disco”.

Her first solo EP, featuring a more aggressive style, was well received in The Cornishman: “… it’s all here – Rosie’s sex kitten, Betty Boop-gone-bad vocals, pummelling bass, choruses to die for and skittish hip hop beats. A definite step up from the Goldbug.”


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