PLAYLIST – Waves by Blondfire

thCAANXK71Blondfire is an indie pop band from Los Angeles composed of the brother-and-sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll.

The Driscolls were born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan,to an American father and a Brazilian mother. They spent many summers in northern Brazil, and are citizens of both countries. Both Erica and Bruce cite Antonio Carlos Jobim, Caetano Veloso, and Astrud Gilberto as musicians that they listened to often while growing up.In high school, Erica, Bruce, and their older sister Monica formed the band Nectar, and eschewed classes to tour nationally.

Erica and Bruce formed Astaire and toured locally behind songs recorded in the basement of their parents’ home. During this time, the siblings were featured in many music and fashion publications, such as z!nk, America, YRB, College Music Journal, and Entertainment Weekly.Two of their songs, “Maximum Speed” and “Today”, appeared on the DVDs of the fifth and sixth seasons of the Dawson’s Creek. The Driscolls relocated to New York City and recorded “Weightless” with Ivy’s Andy Chase.They released their first EP, Don’t Whisper Lies,on their own record label, Wax Divine. Arranger Zé Luis Oliveira is all class with his strings, flute and percussion arrangements on “Don’t Whisper Lies,” further complementing Bruce and Erica’s vocal collaboration.The collection received moderate critical acclaim, earning a 4.5 star review from Allmusic.

The EP’s single, “L-L-Love”, was featured in the films, Monster-in-Law and Mozart and the Whale and the band embarked on a national tour with Ivy, Robbers on High Street, and Stars.

In the middle of the tour, the Driscolls were contacted by the representatives of the estate of Fred Astaire, asking the band to stop using the name immediately. Facing expensive legal fees, the siblings changed the band’s name to Blondfire.They announced the name change with the release of a new iTunes-exclusive acoustic live EP. It featured “L-L-Love” from Don’t Whisper Lies, and three new songs, “Paper Doll”, “Running Back”, and “Fade to Pale”.

In October 2006, Blondfire signed a record deal with EMI Records UK. In a March 2008 interview, Bruce Driscoll stated that the band had left the label. A full-length self-produced album was released on their own label, Tender Tender Rush, in April 2008.

In November 2011 Blondfire released the single and accompanying video for Where The Kids Are to much critical acclaim. In August 2012 Blondfire signed with Warner Bros. Records and Primary Wave Music.

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