GIG – Aimee Gould at The Railway Inn – Tuesday 9th April 2013

IMG_0381Her lullaby voice isn’t quite as gentle as it first appears however as her heartfelt and honest lyrics shine through you’ll be transported

The only sufferance Darling faces is that it is an E.P and oh so brief. The reality of which is astounding as it serves as a magnificent taste of what’s to come from a musician with much more yet to give.

Darling is the debut E.P from Hampshire-based acoustic musician Aimee Gould, allowing her to introduce her soothingly haunting vocals to the world at large.

Aimee Gould positively oozes talent as her honey-sweet voice melds somewhere between the crystal clear vocals of Ellie Goulding and the sultry, smoky voice of Laura Marling. She takes her eager, genuine voice and compliments it with a series of plucky, subtle guitar tunes that meld into the fabric of the songs. Her E.P is a gentle amble down a country lane as you allow her comforting voice and soft guitar strings to wash over you, a sound capable of putting you completely at ease.

Her lullaby voice carries within it a secret weight however, as the music washes over you and you become acutely aware of the heartfelt and honest lyrics that are presenting themselves to you. Darling is capable of transporting you, even just for fifteen minutes, to somewhere peaceful within your own mind. It’s only downfall is that is an E.P and thus serves as mere taster of what’s to come from this talented musician.

Review by Joe Knipe From

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