PLAYLIST – The Sea by Swim Deep

swim deepSwim Deep are a Indie rock band from Birmingham, England. Their debut album Where the Heaven Are We is scheduled for release on July 29, 2013.

Swim Deep formed in 2011 with Austin Williams, Tom ‘Higgy’ Higgins and Wolfgang J Harte and multiple drummers until they eventually recruited Austin’s best friend Zachary Robinson on drums who was originally from the band Cajole Cajole, on the subject of this Austin said “We thought it was a long shot but we’d just lost another drummer so we asked Zach if he wanted to join our band and he said yeah. That was one of the best things that happened, to be honest”.

After a few months Harte announced that he was leaving the band and they played as a three piece for a while until they recruited Cavan McCarthy. In 2012 they signed with Chess Club and released their debut single “King City”. After a UK tour with Spector they went to Brussels to record their debut album with producer Charlie Hugall and they released their second single “Honey” in November, Williams said about this “Since we’ve been signed we’ve met all these new people and we all end up at different parties. I’m really looking forward to making the album. It’s the first album, it can only be made once”.

They have played shows with Splashh, Spector and The Mystery Jets. in 2013 they released their third single “The Sea” which NME said “With this, it feels like Swim Deep are on the cusp of stepping into the big league”. In March they are to release their fourth single “She Changes the Weather” and their debut album Where the Heaven Are We is scheduled to be released July 2013.

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