GIG – Brother & Bones at The Joiners – Sunday 20th October 2013

brother & bonesSubstance over style. Art over celebrity. Creativity over popularity. Genius over mediocrity.

These are mantras that form the basis of who Brother & Bones are and what they do. More importantly, these are mantras that we should all live by. Even more importantly, Brother & Bones are a band that we should all embrace.
These are five men that write songs with artistry of Folk troubadours, the energy of punks, the swagger of rock stars and the self-belief of stadium headliners. A quintet so versatile that they can switch from soul searching laments to chest beating triumphalism with the flick of a wrist and the blink of a steely eye.
The recorded aspect of Brother & Bones is impressive enough as the band have developed a sound that takes in aspects of folk, indie, rock, blues, jazz, funk and soul as will moments of pure tribal rhythms and chanting. But it’s in the live arena that this beast truly comes to life with their already legendary stage shows having seen them slay venues from small bars to festivals taking in a support tour with Brit Award winner Ben Howard along the way. Brother & Bones are not a band that create a barrier between themselves and the audience, for these guys the audience is the show. The band play with passion, determination, poise and with only one goal in mind; to entertain. Musicians end up in the crowd, the crowd storm the stage and before the end of the night they are one pulsing, throbbing mass of elation and belief in the deity of music.

Brother & Bones are on the way to achieving legendary status and they are doing it the right way. The only decision you have to make is whether you get on board now or wait to be swept along in their wake. The irony is, they have enough style to match their substance, the art to bypass celebrity, the creativity to achieve popularity and the genius to ensure that mediocrity will never be an option.

From the Joiners website

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