PLAYLIST – Most Played 2013 – #4 – Endless Wave by Paradise

endless waveIf, like me, you love dreamy, ethereal, sun-kissed songs made by male duos with an excess of hair and a penchant for a vest, then prepare to enjoy the debut single from London-based twentysomethings Joseph Marshall and Tony Harewood, aka Paradise. Over soft swirls of organ and a muted heartbeat, Endless Wave – which is backed by a cover of Mazzy Star’s Blue Flower – is the follow-up to the fairly low-key Chronic Youth EP that the band plonked on Bandcamp last summer.

As the song slowly unfurls from its minimal beginnings into something close to an indie epic, the central chorus of “all aboard my friends, here comes the endless wave” slowly works its way into your brain like a mantra. For the video – premiered here – the pair emerge out of the sea like two indie Timotei models before running around a forest throwing neon-hued dust in each others’ faces.

From The Guardian


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