GIG – Birdpen at The Joiners – Friday 7th March 2014

birdpenBirdPen’s second full studio album entitled Global Lows is an album lyrically and musically inspired from the thoughts of Dave Pen and Mike Bird.

Following on from the underground critical acclaim of BirdPen’s self produced debut album On/Off/Safety/Danger, which saw them tour across Europe, BirdPen return with their follow up. For this album the band travelled to Manchester to record and produce… with Jim Spencer. Jim has produced, mixed and engineered bands such as The Horrors, New Order, The Charlatans, Oasis, The Cribs, Johnny Marr and Echo and the Bunnymen to name but a few. His patient thought process and guidance in co-producing with the band has given the album an intense raw and sonic texture whilst still keeping a pure organic energy throughout. The album was recorded and mixed at the vintage wonderland that is EVE Studios in Stockport in four intense sessions over 12 months.

An album full of energy with light and shade embracing the modern and analog world. BirdPen make music from the heart and soul and wrap it up in their own doom groove style…

To quote the band:
“It’s like standing at the end of the world with a smile on your face”

The bands live performances have always received rave reviews and critical acclaim and they have toured and played many festivals across Europe over the last 3 years.

Global Lows is an album of songs inspired from issues from within our sub consciousness. Songs about how easily manipulated the human spirit can be, following false profits onto paths of destruction, the loneliness of war, corrupted presidents and politicians, beauty queens who become world famous drug barons, science fiction and heartbreak, The fear of claustrophobia, paranoia, corruption, love, loss, lies, facing the truth and eyes wide open observations of a world of which it sometimes seems we can do nothing to help but sit with remote controls and watch it all unfold.

Dave Pen is also a part of the group Archive. A collective of musicians that have been selling out arenas on the continent over the last five years and have headlined some of Europe’s biggest music festivals and continue to do so. Dave and Mike have contributed in the writing on the last four studio albums and continue to write, perform and tour with them.

Dave also co-wrote and sung on five songs for the solo artist Robin Foster on the album “Where do we go from here”, and recently co-wrote on the soundtrack to the film Metro Manilla which one the World Cinema Dramatic audience award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

From The Joiners Website


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