GIG – Martha’s Man at The Railway Inn – Friday 13th June 2014

martha manWho is Martha’s Man? Well, I am an evolving solo singer songwriter who keeps changing every day. I don’t want to fit a particular mould, I just do what comes naturally to me…

I picked up my first ‘pen’ after I listened to The Beatles, because I wanted to write songs as catchy as theirs. Although The Beatles were my initial inspiration, I am influenced by so many different artists andgenres, past and present. As long as the song is catchy and/or the music is sound, I will probably like it. I believe there is no wrong or right when it comes to music, you either connect with it or you don’t, almost like fancying someone – someone’s toad is another’s prince.

The guitar came later, around the time of my University days… I had already learnt how to tailor my lyrics and melodies around other people’s chord progressions, but I wanted to learn my own chord structures. So I taught myself how to play and I have been working my lyrics around my own music ever since.

Fast forward to present day and you will find me playing acoustic gigs and festival slots around the South Coast of England. But what can you expect from a Martha gig if you have never been to one before? I’m loud. What I mean by this is that my singing voice is often louder than my softer acoustic counter-parts.

My passion seems to channel itself in the way I propel my voice. I am not what I would refer to as a ‘fiddley’ guitar player, I like my rhythms and chord progressions.

What do I write about… very rarely is it about me. I often write about situations that I see my friends find themselves in. They could be sat in the audience singing along to one of my songs without realising its about them.

I do love for people to interpret their own meaning of the song and find comparisons with their own lives. To connect in this way is amazing!

Above all, I want my songs to be catchy and melodic, for you to walk away singing or humming my song after one listen. If I’ve done that, I’ve accomplished all that I stand for.


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