GIG – Winter Mountain at The Cellars at Eastney – Sunday 30th November 2014

winter mountainA Cornishman and an Irishman, both travellers, step onto the same train at Chicago’s Union station and meet for the first time. Both are musicians, both singers, both songwriters. They’re broke, but intent on making their way by rail to Memphis, TN, the birthplace of Rock n Roll…

The conversation that followed revealed a mutual love for vocal harmony, the honesty of live performance and the sounds of the sixties.

That night, on a train that sent the young musicians hurtling through the darkening Illinois plains, Winter Mountain was born.

A fan of the beat poet movement and inspired by the 60’s folk resurgence in greenwich village, Joseph Francis – an acclaimed songwriter from the magical village of St. Agnes in Cornwall had spent a successful month writing and performing in New York City before heading West, stopping for a while in Chicago.

Marty Smyth from Donegal, Ireland had flown to California in search of sun, sea and the west coast soul that infused his favourite records of the 60’s and 70’s. After two weeks of exploring California’s rich musical heritage he began making his way East. After a 3 day journey he too found himself in Chicago and was soon to find himself sharing a train to Memphis with Joe.

Over the time that followed the two exchanged stories, lyrics, songs and sang together for the first time in the clubs and cafes of the deep south. Recognising the rare magic of their unique vocal blend they hatched together a plan to meet up once they had completed their travels.

From band website


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