GIG – People On Vacation at The Joiners – Sunday 14th December 2014

people on vacationPeople on Vacation (often abbreviated as POV) is a supergroup composed of Ryan Hamilton from the indie rock band Smile Smile and Jaret Reddick from the pop punk band Bowling for Soup. The duo’s concept is to ‘tell a story’ and to ‘avoid typical topics such as relationships.’ The duo describe their genre as indie rock.

Ryan Hamilton and Jaret Reddick decided to start writing songs together after Hamilton’s band, Smile Smile, opened for Reddick’s band, Bowling for Soup, on a few of their tour dates. After four days of writing, the duo had written six songs, which later resulted in the formation of the band People on Vacation. 

The band began streaming a song titled, “Better Off Dead,” on their official site in late 2010. During his eleventh Bowling for Soup podcast regarding the band’s newly announced side projects, Reddick played a demo that he described as “the first People on Vacation song,” titled “Rainy Day.” The band has since announced they have written and recorded fifteen songs and plans to release album in Fall 2011, through Kirtland Records. 

The band released another song, titled “She Was the Only One,” as a free download via Twitter as a “Tweet for a Track” promotion, in addition to streaming it on their official site in January 2011. 

The band’s music video for “Better Off Dead” premiered on the Dallas Observer website on January 19, 2011. In an interview with aduioADD, Hamilton jokingly named the album Buskin’ & Name Droppin’. Another song “Because of the Sun” was played live on 102.1 FM for the first time in March 2011.

In order to promote the project, the band joined Bowling for Soup’s 2011 UK Acoustic Tour as an opening act, alongside Linus of Hollywood and Erik Chandler and the Mulberry Street Socialites.  In July 2011, Reddick explained the band expects “a long EP out around the end of November, with a full length album hoping to be out by next summer with all new material,” stating the band has fifteen songs that are “written, recorded, done” except for drums while they have written six to eight other songs that have yet to be recorded.

The band will be having its CD release show for The Carry On EP on November 24, 2011, at the Kessler Theater in Dallas, Texas. Reddick announced in a recent podcast that People on Vacation would be making a music video for the song “Where Do We Go,” which the duo filmed with Built By Ninjas in January 2012.

People on Vacation announced that they would be headlining their first ever UK show at Borderline in London on March 25th with Erik Chandler, being the only support act, this event got cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

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