GIG – Bombs at The Railway Inn – Thursday 5th February 2015

bombsB O M B S combine trip-hop rhythms with a rock and roll attitude to create an edgy and individual sound.

The band began when old friends Kanan Keeney and Charlie Fitz began writing together in their hometown of Winchester.

Always on the look-out for potential band members, they met Adam Holgate at an acoustic show in town, where they immediately knew that he would be an exceptional addition to the band.

The three of them began working together song writing and performing, and made a demo with a little help from some friends. Shortly afterwards, DJ Jimi Needles received the demo in the post with a message asking if he’d like to do some scratching over the track, and since his first listen to the track ‘Overload’ he has never turned back.

Fitz, Kanan, and Adam then spent a summer performing at festivals with The People’s Front Room, a fantastic micro-venue that boasts a quirky intimacy that’s hard to match. I

t was here that they met James Graham, an incredible piano player who immediately joined in with the songs they were playing and added an element that they soon couldn’t be without.

Last on the list is Rhii Williams, who joined the band on the drums. Her steady, heavy beats and wild personality finally completed what the band is now – BO M B S

From The Railway Inn Website


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