GIG – Tom Bertram at The Wedgewood Rooms – Saturday 14th March 2015

tom bertramThomas James Bertram (berch – room) born May 29, 1991 is a British singer-songwriter, performer and recording artist. Born and raised in Portsmouth, Hampshire he attended Horndean Technology College until 2007.

His first release Wasting Time was recorded in producer and friend Lee Watkins studio in Bury in 2010 and was released later on that year, the album pushed just over 1,500 copies in its 6 months of promotion.

The second independent release was Brighter Days, which visited a full live band sound. The album was recorded in 2011 and released early 2012, pushing over 2,600 copies.

In 2012 he recorded a new album titled Back Home, this was to be his biggest album to date. Written by Bertram and produced by producer, musician and songwriter Tim Bradshaw, known for his work with John Mayer and David Gray, the album received over 20,000 downloads in just 5 days, still being independently released.

Bertram began his career in 2009 with a sound heavily influenced by popular rock and roll band Oasis, but became more pop/folk by the time of 2010. In 2009 Bertram became popular across the globe but largely in the United States after being linked with pop star Miley Cyrus, although the relationship has never been confirmed. In 2013 Bertram was nominated for best live act in Portsmouth and was featured on independent music website Reverb Nation.

In 2011 Bertram was invited by the Twilight Movie to perform at an event of theirs held in Italy. In 2012 he was also invited to perform by Noel Gallagher at his celebration party for his High Flying Birds DVD and album release, and that same year he was invited to perform at The Queens Jubilee celebration. More recently Tom announced he is in the process of working on a song for One Direction It is yet to be confirmed if the song is finished or will be used.

Being socially active online Bertram built an online fan base in excess of 35,000 people through YouTube videos containing original songs and cover songs. He also thrives on giving away music for free and performs online concerts too.

Bertram announced a world tour in 2014, which will begin in April throughout the rest of the year.

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