GIG – Attention Thieves at The Joiners – Monday 8th June 2015

attention thievesAttention Thieves are a British alternative rock band from Reading, UK formed in 2009. The band is a brand new project for Alex Green formerly of the Arusha Accord. Debut single Broken Promise was recorded with producer Adam Whittaker and will be released on Monday 6th September, worldwide by Eden Music and distributed by Believe Digital.

Attention Thieves are more than your generic rock band and bring post-hardcore, progressive and punk elements to their sound but at the same time their tracks exude a pop immediacy that could propel them straight into the mainstream limelight. Attention Thieves already have 30,000 fans on Myspace, SKY are using several tracks for a forthcoming sports show and with a European tour announcement imminent, it’s all happening for these boys.

They display a discernible talent for crafting immediately catchy songs that are as acceptable to radio listeners as they will be to those schooled on the likes of the Police, Foo Fighters or Glassjaw and are revered for their energetic live shows. Peerless’ is overused these days when referring to bands, especially ones that are still-developing, but for Attention Thieves it seems entirely appropriate.

From lastfm website


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