GIG – Sundra Karma at The Talking Heads – Thursday 25th February 2016

sundara karmaSundara is a Sanskrit word that means “beautiful” or “noble” while karma is, you know, karma. This information tells you precisely zip about this young band, although it does express a certain boldness and brightness that is relevant (someone – possibly the band themselves – has described them as “more refreshing than sunshine”).

The Hindu/buddhist allusion is a red herring – the new Kula Shaker they are not. They are from Reading….[and]…  aspire to the driving, rousing anthemia of Bruce Springsteen, with big ideas about death and sacrifice and music up to the task of reflecting same.

This is not insular indie; rather it has the courage of its convictions, with choruses designed for arena singalongs. We could cite all sorts of statistics to confirm their stadium trajectory – three-quarters of a million Spotify streams, high positions in the Hype Machine chart – when really all you need to do is listen to the music.

From The Guardian website


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