GIG – Alvvays at The Talking Heads – Tuesday 29th August 2017

ALVVAYSAlvvays (pronounced “Always”) is a Canadian indie pop band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2011.

The band currently consists of vocalist Molly Rankin, keyboardist Kerri MacLellan, guitarist Alec O’Hanley and bassist Brian Murphy.

Their debut album, Alvvays, was released in 2014, peaking at number one on the U.S. college charts. Their second studio album, Antisocialites, is due to be released in September 2017.

Alvvays’ music has been described as jangle pop, both by the music press and its members. According to Rankin, the band’s emphasis is primarily on strong melodies, rather than for a specific genre: “If old people ask, I say it sounds like the Cranberries. If young people ask, I call it jangle pop. If a punk asks, I say it’s pop.”

The band has often been compared to Camera Obscura; Rankin noted she shared vocalist Tracyanne Campbell‘s “fondness for the pathetic perspective.” Rankin sought inspiration from Stephen Merritt, frontman of the Magnetic Fields, as she appreciated the honest but lighthearted nature of his lyrics. Rankin’s personal influences include the Magnetic Fields, Teenage Fanclub, Dolly Mixture, the Smiths, Celine Dion, Pavement, the Primitives, and Oasis.

While the band does not have an overt Celtic music sound, Rankin also acknowledges that because she was immersed in the genre from childhood, it has a discernible influence on the way she sings and writes melodies.

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GIG – Sundra Karma at The Talking Heads – Thursday 25th February 2016

sundara karmaSundara is a Sanskrit word that means “beautiful” or “noble” while karma is, you know, karma. This information tells you precisely zip about this young band, although it does express a certain boldness and brightness that is relevant (someone – possibly the band themselves – has described them as “more refreshing than sunshine”).

The Hindu/buddhist allusion is a red herring – the new Kula Shaker they are not. They are from Reading….[and]…  aspire to the driving, rousing anthemia of Bruce Springsteen, with big ideas about death and sacrifice and music up to the task of reflecting same.

This is not insular indie; rather it has the courage of its convictions, with choruses designed for arena singalongs. We could cite all sorts of statistics to confirm their stadium trajectory – three-quarters of a million Spotify streams, high positions in the Hype Machine chart – when really all you need to do is listen to the music.

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GIG – Fatherson at The Talking Heads – Saturday 20th February 2016

FathersonFatherson are a three piece Scottish band based in Glasgow and formed in Kilmarnock.

They have been making waves in the Scottish music scene following a string of supports with bands such as Frightened Rabbit, Panic! at the Disco, Feeder, Twin Atlantic, Enter Shikari and Idlewild.

Fatherson have released two singles. “Hometown”, through King Tuts Recordings, and in 2012 “First Born”.

As confirmed at their performance at the Tartan Heart Festival in August, 2015, they are currently producing their second studio album. They supported supporting the synth-pop trio PRIDES on their UK Headline Tour in October and November 2015.

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GIG – Andy Burrows at The Talking Heads – Sunday 26th October 2014

andy burrowAndrew William Burrows  is an English musician. He was the drummer in the band Razorlight from 2004 to 2009, and has been drummer with We Are Scientists since 2009.

Burrows first solo album The Colour of My Dreams (2008) was released while he was still member of Razorlight. After he departed the band he released his first album with the solo project I Am Arrows, called Sun Comes Up Again in 2010. His third solo album Company was released 22 October 2012.

He has worked with Tom Smith from Editors under the moniker “Smith & Burrows”. He also co-wrote the soundtrack to The Snowman and The Snowdog with Ilan Eshkeri, which was nominated for a BAFTA Craft Award in April 2013. Burrows has also worked with Delilah drumming and co-writing on some of her debut album. Andy has also been working with Tom Odell, whose debut album is originally due out in early 2013 but postponed until the end of June in 2013.

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REQUESTED – Kickstarter at The Talking Heads – Tue 6th Dec

Kickstarter are a Rock/Rap/Dubstep band hailing from London, Essex and Belgium and write songs highlighting important issues affecting people today such as, government failures, economic sustainability and social injustice. Following their self-released 4 track debut EP entitled ‘The Construct City’ in March 2011, Kickstarter gained their debut radio airplay with ‘Fight Back’ on BBC Essex, which was then followed by airplay on Tom Robinson’s radio show on BBC 6.

Kickstarter have become known for their raucous live shows, always breaking the barrier between the stage and the audience, and shattering fourth walls across Endgland’s finest venues, including the indigo2 and the O2 Islington Acadmey with shard-piercing sets that skilfully combine dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass and electro with a raw rock/rap/funk dynamic.

Here’s what some people have had to say about us:

“They rock as hard as any hard rock bands out there, with a very informed rap/ funk style to get you moving. Singer Laurence Ayeni raps and smiles, he knows the band are kicking up a storm behind him, all he has to do is get you moving and get the Kickstarter message out there. I reckon you need to hear them, one of London’s best young groups. Switch off X Factor, go see these guys instead!”

– Steve Horwood, reviewer and Publicity manager for Club Bus Wind

“Kickstarter produced a high octane performance… [with an] endearing, offbeat, visual approach which won the audience over almost immediately, hooking them into the music. Rap can almost become clichéd and overworked but songs such as Construct City, Fight Back and Drop Zone with powerful and tightly bound lyrics ensured that the focus was always on the stage. But this was no one man show. The band echoed and reflected energies of their own through insistent beats and tunes.”

– Lisa Parker, Music Reviewer for The LP Project

GIG – Benjamin Francis Leftwich at The Talking Heads – Sun 23rd Oct 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Born 4 September 1989) is an English singer-songwriter from York.

Leftwich began playing at the age of ten and grew up listening to The Rolling Stones and Nina Simone; later discovering Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and Elliott Smith.

He cites Arcade Fire, Ryan Adams, and Bruce Springsteen as inspirations.

His debut album, the Ian Grimble-produced Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm, was released in July 2011. The Fly called it “a majestic debut Whilst The Sunday Times cited Leftwich as “a serious new talent”. The Skinny described it as “occasionally a bit O.C. soundtrack…[but] enjoyable throughout”,while the Sunday Express called it “lovely” but “increasingly repetitive over the course of 10 tracks”. Hazel Sheffield, writing in The Guardian, gave it a 3/5 rating, as did David Pollock, writing for The Scotsman, who drew comparisons to Damien Rice and José González, but also stated “sadly there are also heavy hints of Chris Martin at his most mawkish”.

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GIG – The Dykeenies at The Talking Heads – Wed 26th Oct 2011

“…The Dykeenies are a Scottish indie rock band from Cumbernauld, formed in 2005. The group consists of brothers Brian Henderson (vocals, synthesizers) and Andrew Henderson (bass guitar, backing vocals), along with Steven Ramsay (lead guitar, backing vocals) and John Kerr (drums, backing vocals). Since their formation, they have released one studio album, Nothing Means Everything, accompanied by three singles. After a worldwide tour, the band began work on their second album, which is due to be released in October 2011.

The Dykeenies’ musical style has been noted primarily as indie rock, with influences including The Cribs, Bloc Party and The Futureheads.Their musical style has also been compared to art rock and, more prominently, art pop.God Is in the TV described “New Ideas” as sounding “like the first few tracks of Silent Alarm“, as well as comparing “Will It Happen Tonight?” to We Are Scientists. Dykeenies have also stated that David Bowie is a major influence of the band,releasing an cover version of the song as part of their Live at the Apple Store, Glasgow EP. One particular live review even linked the band to the short-lived “New Rave” genre, as well as comparing lead singer Brian Henderson’s vocals to that of Brian Molko.Nothing Means Everything has been noted as being a more mature pop album, with “The Panic” in particular noted as having dark lyrical content…”

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